Hahahah thank you so much!! I’m glad you like my stuff!
I don’t think anything quite says “clinical depression” like “tiny bubble butt”
(just kidding it’s actually because I always add tiny butts to all of my 3D models)I don’t post selfies, but I think this self-portrait I drew is a fairly accurate depiction of what I look like
OMG Rose Weasley in 6?

Sorry, I already made a post saying I’m not taking any more requests!

wHOA, your New Orleans art is pretty rad too tho.

ahhh thank you!! I always think people don’t have an interest in seeing sketchbook stuff so I’m glad you like it ;u;

yo, just curious, what are your plans for the summer, missy a to da z?

I plan to be a layabout and a louse, contributing nothing to society

and maybe finish game of thrones

That fanart you did of rose from Harry Potter is beautiful. I never think much about the kids and I really love your interpretation of her. The hair especially is gorgeous and unique. Wonderful job \(^o^)/

AAaa than you for the super nice comment!! Hahaha I think out of the 3 of them Rose is my favorite to draw, largely because of her hair. I like to think that as an adult Hermione has finally figured out an effective and efficient way to tame it, whereas preteen Rose doesn’t give a flying fuck :3

I'm just going to leave Harry up here on my page and stare at him ALL DAY LONG. #totally don't have a problem #no way